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The visual report of organ offers updated due to user feedback

The visual report of organ offers updated due to user feedback


  • All intestine program surgeons and administrators
  • All organ program quality coordinators
  • Please share this notice with anyone in your organization who would benefit from this information

Implementation Date June 23, 2020


The visual report of organ offers (visual ROO) is available to all transplant programs in visual analytics on the UNetSM data services portal. The report provides centers with a real-time overview of their organ acceptance practices and is updated weekly. The report received major updates earlier this spring, and members have requested additional changes.

What will change

The ROO’s functionality and look will remain unchanged for most centers. The enhancements include:

  • On the liver match list tab, centers that have received intestine offers will now see those offers below the liver match list
  • For all organs, the match lists now include the accepting sequence number in the hover-over information and the data download

Additional Details

 In April, video guides for the ROO and other tools were launched on UNOS Connect. UNOS Connect is available through UNet via “Resources” at the top of the Secure Enterprise home page.


The business intelligence team is eager to work directly with members while developing products and revamping the existing catalog. To submit feedback on any of the data services portal tools, or to submit ideas for new tools, please email [email protected]

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