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Data confirmation reports now available in Data Services Portal

Data confirmation reports now available in Data Services Portal

Effective April 17, 2024, three data confirmation reports previously available in TIEDI® have been renamed and are available on the Data Services Portal under the Data Quality tab. The three items are:

  • Transplant Recipient Critical Data Validation Report
  • Living Donor Critical Data Validation Report
  • Deceased Donor Critical Data Validation Report

As of April 17 the reports also remain available on TIEDI, but they will be removed from that platform in the near future.

Access to the Data Services Portal requires separate data permissions to view than TIEDI. Members who need to access the reports and do not have access should check with their UNet site security administrator.

While use of the reports is optional, members are encouraged to regularly run them to improve data quality management. Relocating the reports to the Data Service Portal will allow members the flexibility to run reports on a more frequent basis to validate critical transplant and donor data.

Reports can now be run for any timeframe and filtered by organ. Documentation has also been created to assist members with the new functionality, guiding them through the processes of changing the data for which they have access and submitting a Service Now request to update fields they are unable to change.


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