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Removing BMI and C-peptide from kidney/pancreas waiting time criteria

Removing BMI and C-peptide from kidney/pancreas waiting time criteria


OPOs and kidney-pancreas transplant programs


On July 11, 2019, we implemented policy and system changes to remove body mass index (BMI) and C-peptide from kidney-pancreas (KP) waiting time criteria.

More details

The OPTN Pancreas Transplantation Committee sponsored the proposal to improve access to transplants for KP candidates with high BMI and high C-peptide levels. The Board of Directors approved the change in June 2018. Learn more about the proposal and view the upcoming policy changes.

What members need to do

Transplant hospitals will need to notify and educate staff regarding this change. It may affect candidate recruitment and listing procedures. Waiting time for some patients will change as well.

Candidates still have to be registered for a kidney-pancreas transplant, meet kidney waiting time criteria, and must be on insulin.

While C-peptide will no longer be factored into waiting time eligibility, it will continue to be a required field for data collection.

OPOs should plan for a possible increase in the number of pancreata recovered for transplant.


If you have questions about policy, contact us at [email protected]. If you have system questions, contact UNOS Customer Service at (800) 978-4334 or [email protected].

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