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Public comment open from Aug. 3 through Sept. 28, 2022

Public comment open from Aug. 3 through Sept. 28, 2022

The summer 2022 public comment cycle opened Aug. 3 and closes Sept. 28. The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) is offering 15 items for review, including one white paper, one committee update, three concept papers, and 10 policy proposals.

Comments and replies will be published on the OPTN website to promote transparency and trust in the national transplant system.

We encourage patients, transplant candidates and recipients, living donors, donor families, and transplant professionals to learn more about the proposals and provide their valuable feedback to help shape U.S. organ transplant policy.

Items available for public comment are:

  • Transparency in Program Selection
  • Update on Continuous Distribution of Kidneys and Pancreata
  • Modify Waiting Time for Candidates Affected by Race-Inclusive eGFR Calculations
  • Update Kidney Paired Donation Policy
  • Continued Review of National Liver Review Board (NLRB) Guidance
  • Review of Liver Variances in OPTN Policy
  • Continuous Distribution of Livers and Intestines Concept Paper
  • Update Data Collection for Lung Mortality Models
  • Revise Lung Review Board Guidelines, Guidance, and Policy for Continuous Distribution
  • Update Multi-Organ Allocation for Continuous Distribution of Lungs
  • Enhancements to OPTN Donor Data and Matching System Clinical Data Collection
  • Redefining Provisional Yes and the Approach to Organ Offers
  • Optimizing Usage of Kidney Offer Filters
  • Apply Transplant Program Notification Requirements for VCA Program Inactivation
  • Modify Heart Policy to Address Patient Safety Following Device Recall

Read more and watch videos about the items available for comment here.

All comments are reviewed and considered by the OPTN Board of Directors and the committees sponsoring the items available for public comment before developing final proposals for a vote by the OPTN Board of Directors. Learn more about the policy development process here.

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