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Public comment is open

Public comment is open

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) offers the following proposals for public comment:

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  • Revise transplant fellowship training program approval bylaws
  • Deceased donor initiated KPD chains
  • Broaden pancreas allocation across compatible ABO blood types
  • Guidance on congenital heart disease exception requests
  • Guidance on benefits of pancreas after kidney transplant
  • Guidance to increase nonA1 and nonA1B kidneys for type B candidates
    Also called A2 A2B donor kidneys 
  • Living donation by persons with certain fatal diseases
  • Improving dual kidney allocation
  • Enhancing liver distribution
  • Review of HLA tables
  • Revise pediatric emergency membership exception pathway
  • Improving the efficiency of organ placement
  • Improving en bloc kidney allocation 2

Public comment webinars – non-discussion

These webinars give you an opportunity to learn about the proposals on the non-discussion agenda and to hear questions and answers.

August 9 – View video recording

  • Histocompatibility Equivalency Tables Update
  • Addressing Approved Transplant Fellowship Training Programs
  • Congenital Heart Disease Exception Request Guidance for Review Boards
  • Revisions to Pediatric Emergency Membership Exception

August 10 – View video recording

  • Living Donation By Persons With Certain Fatal Diseases Who Meet the Criteria to Be Living Organ Donors
  • Guidance for Transplant Program Participation in the Transplantation of non-A1/non-A1B (A2/A2B)
  • Guidance on Increasing Pancreas After Kidney (PAK) Transplants

Public comment webinars – discussion

These webinars give you an opportunity to learn about the proposals on the discussion agenda. Attend the regional meeting for your chance to ask questions, discuss the issue with your colleagues, and vote.

August 15 – View video recording

  • Improving the Efficiency of Organ Allocation
  • Enhancing Liver Distribution

September 12 – View video recording

  • Improving Allocation of En Bloc Kidneys
  • Improving Allocation of Dual Kidneys
  • Broadened Allocation of Pancreas Transplants Across Compatible ABO Blood Types

As in previous public comment cycles, comments and replies will be published on the OPTN website, to promote transparency and trust in the national transplant system. You can enter your comments using the DisQus comment tool, and you can share comments on social media as well.

Public comment will close on October 2. The committees sponsoring the proposals review and consider every comment before developing final proposals for a vote by the OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors.

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