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PDF versions of status justification forms now available in UNet

PDF versions of status justification forms now available in UNet

Start preparing now for the first implementation phase of the new heart policy.

Important Update:

You will notice two changes to the status justification forms we posted on UNet in May. We replaced the adult heart status 3 criteria 2 extension with a corrected version and we added a new adult heart status 3 criteria 5 extension form. If you previously printed out the PDFs, make sure you replace your printed copy with the updated versions.

  1. What changed on the adult heart status 3 criteria 2 extension form? To correct a typo and make sure the language on the form matched the language in policy, we changed “Cardiac index less than 2.2L/min/m2 during dose reduction” to “Cardiac index less than 2.2 L/min/m2 on the current medical regimen.” That language is one of the responses to this statement on the form: C. Within 48 hours prior to the status expiring, either of the following are true:
  2. Why did we add the adult heart status 3 criteria 5 extension form? A clarification of policy language for Status 3, Criterion 5 went to the Board in June. Because of that clarification, we’re collecting new inotrope data on the extension form for Status 3 Criterion 5, which will be consistent with the other forms where inotrope data is collected. Read policy notice for more information (this will be a link to the policy notice).

Phase one of the new heart allocation policy will be implemented in September 2018. At that time we’ll release the new status justification forms for adult heart and heart-lung candidates. This will allow you to submit the new forms for your candidates on the waiting list and be fully prepared when the second phase is implemented in October.

After listening to feedback from the community, we made PDFs of the justification forms available in UNet under Resources>Reference Docs. Accessing these PDFs will make you familiar with the new required data so that you can effectively plan and prepare.

Additional resources:

A heart allocation toolkit is available to help you prepare for the upcoming changes. We will continue to add information to this resource as it becomes available. You can also learn more from these articles on Transplant Pro:

If you have any questions, please contact your UNOS regional administrator at 804-782-4800.

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