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New OPO System and Process Measures Dashboard now available

New OPO System and Process Measures Dashboard now available


  • All OPO managers, data analysts and staff involved in data analysis.
  • Please share this notice with anyone in your organization who would benefit from this information

Dashboard Details

The OPO System and Process Measures Dashboard is available to all OPOs in the OPTN Visual Analytics section of the data services portal in UNetSM.

The dashboard gives a high level overview of key measure that that can also be compared to any other OPO, see changes over time and can be filtered to view measures for donors with selected donor characteristics.

Dashboard Measures

  • Donation Measures: eligible deaths, donors recovered, donors from eligible deaths, conversion rate and authorization rate
  • Yield Measures (by organ and overall): organs transplanted, organs transplanted per donor, discard rate and utilization rate
  • Process Measures (by match organ): acceptance rate, hours from first electronic offer to the donor cross clamp time
  • System Measures: median number of candidate and center offers per match organ and transplant status, transplants by organ and allocation distance groups


The business intelligence team is eager to work directly with members while developing products and revamping the existing catalog. To submit feedback on any of the data portal tools, or to submit ideas for new tools, please email [email protected].


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