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Offer filters pilot began June 17

Offer filters  pilot began June 17

On June 17, UNOS launched the offer filters pilot in DonorNet®. This phase of the project will run through August. Learn more about the pilot.

Over the last month, staff from 29 participating transplant hospitals reviewed modeling data and set their offer filters. UNOS IT is now applying the offer filters. In the fall, the data will be compiled and returned to the centers.

OPOs will also play a part by reporting cross-clamp date and time, warm ischemic time, and kidney biopsy information, when making electronic organ offers on kidney matches.

Training for OPO staff

A new instructional offering, SYS141: Offer Filters Pilot: Phase One, is available in UNOS Connect, to explain the changes and process for OPOs to follow during the pilot. This six-minute course will show you how to accurately complete new steps in the electronic organ offer notification process and the donor record.

To access the training, log in to UNet, choose Resources and then UNOS Connect.

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 If you have questions, please contact UNOS customer service at or (800) 978-4334.

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