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New OPTN organ transplant labels available now

New OPTN organ transplant labels available now

Under the new contract, we updated the OPTN organ transport labels and are providing them free to all members. TransNet labels are also available at no cost.If you order your labels from a third party vendor, please double check that you received labels with the OPTN logo.

You access the ordering page from the OPTN web site. Resource>Organ Transport>Order Labels (last bullet under Policy & Guidance subhead). Regardless of whether you have an existing online store account, you will need to create a new one in order to obtain OPTN labels.

Beginning August 15, 2019, you must use the new Extra Vessels label and the TransNet mobile application version 5.10 or later to be in compliance with OPTN policy. Read this article for more information about the changes to the Extra Vessels label.

You will also notice a slight change to the OPTN organ labels. The field UNOS ID now reads Donor ID.  You may use any of these labels you still have in your inventory until 12/31/19.

Please only order what you need. This will help us be good stewards of this resource and ensure that labels are readily available for everyone. Also, labels may change periodically and we want you to have the most current version.

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

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