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NLRB HCC extension automatic approval to take effect Sept. 10

NLRB HCC extension automatic approval to take effect Sept. 10


Liver transplant program directors, surgeons, physicians, administrators, clinical coordinators, compliance and quality managers

Implementation date: Sept. 10, 2020


On Thursday, Sept. 10, an enhancement to the National Liver Review Board (NLRB) will take effect to allow automatic system approval of an exception extension request for any candidate meeting standardized criteria for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). This includes automatic approval for candidates whose initial exception or a prior extension did not meet standard HCC criteria.

The change does not require you to update current or recent NLRB requests for your liver transplant candidates. You should, however, review the new provision to determine any impact on any of your candidates with HCC.

The OPTN Board of Directors approved the change at its June 2020 Board meeting, as part of a series of NLRB enhancements. Complete details are contained in this policy notice on the OPTN site. All other provisions of the NLRB enhancements package took effect Aug. 4.

What you need to do

Please familiarize yourself and your clinical staff with the new provision.

This modification does not change any details relating to the sequence of matches for candidates or to the OPTN Member Evaluation Plan.


If you have questions relating to implementation, contact UNOS Customer Service at 800-978-4334.  For policy-related questions, send an e-mail to [email protected].

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