New for travelers on behalf of UNOS: online travel reimbursement

Coming April 1 for all employees and members who travel on behalf of UNOS: a new, automated way to request travel reimbursement.

Chrome River allows Accounts Payable to review your travel-related expenses and reimburse you more quickly.

With the new process, you’ll log in to Chrome River, upload your receipts, create a report and submit your travel expenses.

Training for UNOS members is now available on UNOS Connect.

To date, all travel-related spending is submitted via Excel to Accounts Payable. After March 31, your travel-related expenses will be managed through Chrome River. This change replaces the manual process and boosts efficiency.

Any travel expenses incurred before April 1 will be processed through the Excel spreadsheet.

For help with any questions you have about this new process, send an email to Accounts Payable at

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