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Two new data elements added to Center STAR files

Two new data elements added to Center STAR files

Implementation date

March 7, 2022


Two new data collection fields have been added to the Center STAR files in Secure EnterpriseSM for COVID information for Donor and Match ID.

Users should adjust any automated process used to import these files and share these changes with any third-party vendors or integrators who may need this information. 

What is being added? 

The two new data elements added to the transplant/waitlist files for all organ types are:

  • MATCH_ID (NUM): ID number of organ match run resulting in transplant
  • COVID_POS_DON (CHAR(1)): Donor tested positive for COVID

In all cases, these new fields are the last columns in the layout.

These updates come as a result of requests from transplant professionals and items identified by UNOS research staff.

Where to find Center STAR files

All hospitals can access their Center STAR files from the Data Services Portal in UnetSM.

  1. Select Resources from the main menu
  2. Select Data Services
  3. Select OPTN Data Files
  4. Find the updated file layouts under Documentation

If you are unable to access any of these sections, contact your UNet site administrator.

More about Center STAR files

Transplant hospital files contain datasets of information related to your waiting list registrations and transplants.

UNOS creates the file based on data your center enters into WaitlistSM  and TIEDI® applications as well as additional data elements collected from OPOs and histocompatibility labs. We also include patient deaths reported from other sources.

  • Data is available “on demand” to all hospitals  with no need to submit a data request
  • We update the information monthly
  • Information includes all waiting list registrations and transplants performed at your institution since Oct. 1, 1987
  • You can access detailed follow-up, post-transplant malignancy, and immunosuppression information about your transplant recipients
  • Available in both SAS CPORT and delimited formats
  • For more details, please find the Center STAR Files User Guide under “Documentation” in the Data Services Portal. For details on dataset and field descriptions, see the STAR file documentation spreadsheets


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