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Modifications to adult heart and heart-lung justification forms will be implemented March 4

Modifications to adult heart and heart-lung justification forms will be implemented March 4

Audience (Please share this notice with anyone in your organization who would benefit from it.)

  • Transplant administrators, clinical coordinators, data coordinators, physicians/surgeons from heart and heart-lung programs

Implementation date

March 4, 2021


New modifications to adult heart justification forms include changes to data collection, text, and extension time frames for certain status and criterion combinations.  Forms will display the changes on the implementation date for all future initial and extension forms.  The purpose of the modifications is to clarify deadlines and to provide more consistent timeframes for the length of time a candidate can remain at an approved status. See policy notice.

What you need to do

After implementation, if you have a candidate listed at either Status 1 criterion 2 or Status 4 criterion 2, you will receive reminder emails letting you know that you will be unable to extend your candidate on that status without submitting a new form.  Please follow up on those emails by submitting a new form for your candidate.  No other action is required.


The Candidates Pending Downgrade/Downgraded Report will continue to display the days remaining at current status for your candidates.  For impacted forms submitted prior to March 4, 2021, the candidate record will not display the Extend Status button.  You will be able to submit a new form for those candidates.

Additional details

Specific changes include:

  • Candidates at status 1 criterion 2 can remain at status for up to 7 days, rather than the current 14 days.
  • The sub-criteria for status 3 criterion 6 has been reordered for clarity on all status 3 forms.
  • For candidates at status 4 criterion 2, the test date for cardiac index will now be validated against a new Date of Initiation paired with at least one inotrope in the list rather than the form submission date. This new data collection will be required on initial forms only.
  • Candidates at status 4 criterion 2 can remain at status for up to 180 days, rather than the current 90 days.

Education and resources

You will also find this information in the help documentation within UNetSM and links to the example forms in Reference documents under Resources in Waitlist.


If you have questions relating to implementation, contact UNOS Customer Service at [email protected] or call 800-978-4334 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

For policy-related questions, contact [email protected].

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