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Median MELD at Transplant scores updated effective March 30

Median MELD at Transplant scores updated effective March 30

Effective March 30, the median MELD at transplant (MMaT) for liver candidates with exception scores was updated by the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN). The updated table lists the MMaT for each liver transplant hospital effective as of that date, as well as the details of the MMaT calculation.

If you wish to compare the new MMaT to the previous values through March 29, 2022, this chart shows the previous scores and those that have been updated.

The scores are updated twice a year. They are based on recent liver transplants performed at all liver transplant hospitals within a 250 nautical mile radius of the hospital listing the exception candidate, with exclusions based on certain candidate and procedure types.

Many candidates’ exception scores remain the same as they were under the previous calculation. Exception scores for some candidates either increased or decreased. As always, transplant programs may request individual exception scores for candidates by the procedure set forth in OPTN Policy 9.4 (MELD or PELD Score Exceptions).

The Median PELD at Transplant (MPaT) was recalculated using updated data but remained at 35. The MPaT is a national calculation and is the same for all transplant programs with PELD exception candidates.

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