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Lung Composite Allocation Score (CAS) calculator available on OPTN website

Lung Composite Allocation Score (CAS) calculator available on OPTN website

Updated March 2, 2023: The lung allocation system based on continuous distribution was originally scheduled to take effect on March 2, 2023. The lung continuous distribution policy is now expected to implement on March 9, 2023. This system notice has been updated to reflect the change in expected implementation date.

Implementation date

Feb. 2, 2023


In advance of the implementation of continuous distribution of lungs expected March 9, 2023, the lung Composite Allocation Score (CAS) calculator is now available on the OPTN website. The calculator can be found in the Data & calculators’ main menu under Allocation Calculators. Programs can use this calculator to better understand the impact of various clinical characteristics on the lung CAS and estimate a candidate’s score.

Additional details

When continuous contribution of lungs is implemented, the Lung Allocation Score (LAS) will be replaced by the lung Composite Allocation Score (CAS). The Lung Allocation Score (LAS) calculator will remain available on the OPTN website until implementation.

Education and resources

Follow the Lung Continuous Distribution playlist on UNOS Connect to receive notifications when new trainings are added. Trainings available now:

Overview courses for all members:

  • LUN102: Basic Principles of Lung Continuous Distribution
  • LUN103: Unacceptable Antigens and CPRA in Lung Continuous Distribution
  • LUN104: Scoring and Exceptions Under Lung Continuous Distribution
  • LUN105: Preparing for Implementation of Lung Continuous Distribution

For transplant programs:

  • SYS183 Using the Lung CAS Report
  • SYS186 UNetSM for Lung Continuous Distribution
  • LUN107: Continuous Distribution of Lungs for Transplant Coordinators

For OPOs:

  • LUN106: OPO Considerations for Lung Continuous Distribution

For Review Board members:

  • LUN101: Lung Review Board Member Orientation under Continuous Distribution

For patients:

Upcoming webinars:

  • Feb 10: Lung continuous distribution: Exception Requests and Review Board
  • Feb. 17: Lung continuous distribution and multi-organ allocation
  • Feb: 23: Patient Webinar-Preparing for lung continuous distribution
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