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Kidney allocation system updates in DonorNet

Kidney allocation system updates in DonorNet

Transplant Centers: Directors, Administrators, Data Coordinators, Physicians, Surgeons, Clinical Coordinators, Compliance Officers, and Quality Review Officers at kidney, pancreas and KI/PA programs
Labs: Directors, Supervisors, Data Coordinators


On June 29, 2017, we made changes to the national kidney allocation system (KAS) in DonorNet® and policy that affect kidney match runs.

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These are the changes:

  • We updated the text in select match classifications for KDPI 0-20 Allocation Match Results to reflect approved policy language clarifications. These changes are clerical and there is no impact on allocation.
  • We inactivated the mandatory shares bypass refusal code (881) because Policy 8.7.A Mandatory Sharing were deleted from OPTN Policy. OPOs will no longer be permitted to bypass candidates in match classifications 1-10 after making the mandatory number of offers to candidates in these classifications. OPOs may still use other available bypass codes to assist with organ placement. OPOs must follow the kidney match run. The removal of Policy 8.7.A Mandatory Sharing from OPTN Policy includes deleting the time requirements for making these offers previously associated with the mandatory shares bypass refusal code (881).

These changes are among several updates to KAS approved by the OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors in June 2016. See the policy notice, proposal and other materials on the KAS clarifications and clean-up project for more information. Other policy changes outlined in the proposal were implemented 9/1/2016.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact the UNet Help Desk at (800) 978-4334. For KAS-related questions, particularly those related to compliance, monitoring or policy, please contact your UNOS Regional Administrator at 804-782-4800.

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