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For all transplant programs: 10 new OPOs added to UNOS Organ Tracking Beta Test

For all transplant programs: 10 new OPOs added to UNOS Organ Tracking Beta Test


  • All Organs: Primary Program Administrators, TX Program Medical Directors, TX Program Surgical Directors, TX Program – Clinical Coordinators, TX Surgeons-Other, TX Program Administrators/Managers, Organ Procurement Adms/Mgrs, TX Program Directors, Support Staff-Clinical
  • Primary OPO Administrative Directors


Starting March 29, the following OPOs will begin participating in the UNOS Organ Tracking beta test:

  • Donor Network of Arizona (AZOB)
  • Donor Alliance (CORS)
  • Washington Regional Transplant Community (DCTC)
  • Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LAOP)
  • Gift of Life Michigan (MIOP)
  • Mid-America Transplant Services (MOMA)
  • Carolina Donor Services (NCNC)
  • LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma (OKOP)
  • Gift of Life Donor Program (PADV)
  • Mid-South Transplant Foundation (TNMS)

Organs coming from these organ procurement organizations may have tracking devices attached, and if so, the box will be clearly marked. Transplant programs are asked to return the devices following instructions in this notice.

What you need to do

If you receive a tracked organ at your program, unless instructed otherwise by the OPO, your program will need to:

  • Remove tracking device from box – it will already be inside a pre-paid, self-addressed padded mailer
  • Deliver package to a UPS drop-off as soon as possible

Your program may also have the ability to view the tracking map from within the organ offer in UNetSM, and receive email notifications about key events or milestones.

Additional details

This project will continue to expand to additional OPOs. If your OPO is interested in being involved, please email [email protected].


For more information about the program, email [email protected].  For more information about UNOS Labs, email [email protected].

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