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Enhancements to notifications in DonorNet

Enhancements to notifications in DonorNet

All OPO and transplant hospital staff
Please pass this message along to anyone who may need to know this information.

The following changes were implemented January 10, 2018.

Change details
We have created a new notification feature in DonorNet®, based on recent feedback from transplant professionals.

  • OPOs can electronically notify transplant programs that they have a candidate who is primary or back-up on a match. This new feature provides more information to transplant centers regarding their candidate’s relative position on the match during the organ allocation process, which is expected to expedite the process of finding the right potential recipient for an available organ.This new feature is optional, and whether or not transplant hospitals receive these notifications depend on how an OPO has incorporated this option into their allocation process.
  • Go to UNOS Connect for a training video on this new DonorNet® feature.
  • We also changed organ offer notifications so that the offers come from “DonorNet” instead of from the “UNOS Organ Center”. The Organ Center’s 800 number will continue to be displayed for caller ID purposes on all offers. We made this change to the UNOS messaging service to improve communication. Notifications will look slightly different.

You spoke and we listened!

At the NATCO (The Organization for Transplant Professionals) 2017 Annual Meeting in August, transplant center, OPO and UNOS IT staff collaborated to suggest and make changes to enhance system enhancements completed and planned systems.

Learn about other system enhancements completed and planned.

If you have questions, please contact UNOS Customer Service at 1-800-978-4334.

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