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Education available for DonorNet organ offer system changes

Education available for DonorNet organ offer system changes

An educational offering is available in UNOS Connect to explain phase 2 system and policy changes to improve organ placement offers in DonorNet. Phase 2 changes are effective June 13, 2018.

An eLearning module, Limit Organ Offer Acceptances by Organ Type, illustrates how OPOs will use the new system enhancements to  manage organ offer acceptances. It covers new requirements for limiting the number of organ offer acceptances per candidate, per organ type, and explains how OPOs must use the system to make the allocation process more efficient.

A document explains Phase 1 changes to DonorNet and policy that occurred on May 2, 2018.

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Please contact:

  • [email protected] for instructional questions.
  • Regional Administrators at (804) 782-4800 for policy questions.
  • UNetSM help desk at (800) 978-4334.

Interested in additional instructional offerings?

Please visit UNOS Connect for more offerings.

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