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Coming Soon! is merging with

Coming Soon! is merging with

We’re making some exciting changes to our websites! Later this month, we’ll be combining our member website,, with our public site,

These changes will create a better user experience for all visitors to our sites. And, they’ll allow to provide you with the content that interests you the most, in a new and more engaging way.

The revamped, consolidated site will share useful news about ideas in action, including technology innovations, collaborative improvement, data and research insights and best practices. It will also be a one-stop shop for the policy and educational updates that are so critical to you.

Transplant Pro information isn’t going away
How will you locate pages on the new site that you visited regularly on
Some examples of often-visited pages could include:

  • Regional meeting information
  • The Transplant Management Forum page
  • TransNet updates
  • System notices
  • The latest additions to UNOS Connect

You’ll be automatically redirected
Starting Feb. 19, when you access a page on, you’ll be redirected to the appropriate page on For example, if you have this page bookmarked:

Region 1

You’ll automatically be redirected to:

Region 1

All of the above, plus everything else you’re used to finding on, will exist on (And if you’re a subscriber, you’ll still receive your Transplant Pro enewsletter each month! If you’re not a subscriber, sign up here.)

Expanded transplant coverage
In addition to being a streamlined storehouse for all of your transplant resources, will deliver stories about innovations, improvements and insights in organ transplantation and the ways we’re all working together to serve patients. To whet your appetite, here are just a few of the articles in the works for

  • Read about organ perfusion (and just how radically it could change transplantation)
  • Learn how collaborative improvement is transforming results (one hospital substantially reduced wait time for candidates)
  • Get a closer look at the future of organ transportation – using drones

Questions? Send an email
UNOS Communications department staff is available to answer any questions you may have about this site consolidation, both before and after the new is unveiled. Email us at [email protected].

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