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Coming Soon: 5-Tier Outcome Assessment Update

Coming Soon: 5-Tier Outcome Assessment Update

In approximately two weeks, a new version of the SRTR beta site will be available for review and comment. A beta version of the SRTR website containing the 5-tier outcome assessment has been available online over the past year. During that time, SRTR has worked with HRSA and the SRTR Visiting Committee (SVC) to consider feedback from transplant professionals, researchers, and patients and their family members. SRTR has been working with HRSA and the SVC to implement a series of changes in response to that feedback. Additionally, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) funded research by Drs. Ajay Israni and Cory Schaffhausen that studies how patients use and interpret the information on the SRTR website. Their research led to a number of suggested improvements in the how the data is presented for public consumption.

With HRSA and the SVC’s guidance, SRTR developed an improved version of the beta website. The new version includes 5-tier assessments of waitlist mortality and deceased-donor transplant rate, in addition to posttransplant outcomes, indicators of which metrics have the most overall impact on patient survival following listing, and improved language and educational material. SRTR will launch the updated beta site for a 60-day comment and review period. This update to the beta site is expected to go live by mid-May.

Visit staff members from SRTR at the 2018 American Transplant Congress (ATC) meeting (June 2-6), booth #202, to ask questions. Review the current version of the beta site. [Note: Link to beta site removed as it is no longer active. Please visit the SRTR site here.]

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