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Changes to the Organ Offer Report for transplant programs

Changes to the Organ Offer Report for transplant programs


  • All transplant administrators, on-call transplant coordinators and transplant surgeons
  • Please share this notice with anyone in your organization who would benefit from this information


The Organ Offer Report, or ROO, is available to every transplant program and is available in the visual analytics section of the data services portal. It includes data on 180 days of organ offers to candidates at each transplant program. The report shows each donor-candidate pair on every match run for all organs offered, allowing programs to quickly understand their recent organ acceptance practices.

What has changed

The ROO tool has been updated as of March 30, 2020. The report’s opening page now includes a “summary” graph displaying the number of offers each program has received along with the number of matched candidates and accepted donors. In addition, the report now offers new filters that allows programs to easily show:

  • Organs that were accepted at another center.
  • Organs offered to pediatric candidates.
  • Organs transplanted at another center.

Other enhancements: The match lists may now be sorted by date and also show a graph of refusal reasons. These can be downloaded for further analysis.

Additional details

In addition to these changes, the ROO for transplant programs has a new “documentation” tab within the report. This includes general information about the ROO data, a link to download a pdf user guide, and an email contact for questions and feedback.

Other recently updated tools

  • Kidney living donor follow-up report

This tool has been recently updated and continues to be available to all transplant programs. Also located in the visual analytics section of the data services portal, the kidney living donor follow-up tool now includes a “select all” download option to enable users to more easily download the data that is displayed. The tool’s data is now updated weekly instead of monthly, and it has a new documentation tab that explains the data elements required by OPTN Policy 18.5.

  • Kidney paired donation data dashboard

This tool now has a map of centers that have participated in kidney paired donation, or KPD, match runs in the past year.


The business intelligence team is eager to work directly with members while developing products and revamping the existing catalog. To submit feedback on any of the data portal tools, or to submit ideas for new tools, please email [email protected].

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