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2019 annual UNOS request for information is available

2019 annual UNOS request for information is available


  • Transplant administrators, data coordinators, and financial coordinators
  • Please share this notice with anyone in your organization who would benefit from this information.

UNOS Request for Information (RFI) documents for 2019 are available on the UNet Transplant Administrators website.  Administrators can submit essential organ transplant program data to insurance and managed care companies.

Updates to this year’s RFI include:

  • Included current dates

Transplant administrators will be able to complete the 2019 RFI forms from January 30, 2019, until the 2020 RFI is released in late January 2020. Please contact your center’s payers for other relevant deadlines.

Transplant administrators should work with the person who is responsible for completing their center’s RFI to verify information requirements.

You will be able to review your center’s data tables at before completing the RFI.

Contact the UNOS Customer Service (UNet Help Desk) with technical questions at (800) 978-4334 or [email protected].

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