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Access UNOS Resources during Patient Safety Awareness Week

Access UNOS Resources during Patient Safety Awareness Week

National Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 11 – 17, is the perfect time for you and your staff to review, or watch for the first time, a number of patient safety learning modules on UNOS Connect. We have several themed learning series available, including one related to patient safety and effective communications practices.

Videos and learning modules in this series include:

• Following Recipients of Increased Risk Organs

• Extra Vessels Handling and Storage

• Proactively Averting Errors

• Organ Discards

• ABO Verification in the OR

• Hemodilution errors

• Documenting Organ Allocation Deviations

• Infectious Disease Verification in the Living Donor

Once you are logged onto UNOS Connect, select Learning Series from the left sidebar on the homepage. From here you can choose from a variety of learning series topics, including Patient Safety.

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