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Transplant trends

UNOS developed an online database system, called UNet, to collect, store, analyze and publish all OPTN data that pertains to the patient waiting list, organ matching and transplants. Launched on October 25, 1999, this system contains data regarding every organ donation and transplant event occurring in the United States since October 1, 1987.

National data

Transplants By Organ Type January 1, 1988 - January 31, 2019
Based on OPTN data as of February 14, 2019

Organ Transplants
Total 758,031
Kidney 446,358
Liver 164,174
Pancreas 8,751
Kidney / Pancreas 23,747
Heart 72,352
Lung 38,332
Heart / Lung 1,260
Intestine 3,018
Abdominal Wall 2
Head & Neck: Craniofacial 6
Head & Neck: Scalp 1
GU: Penile 2
GU: Uterus 17
Upper Limb: Bilateral 7
Upper Limb: Unilateral 4

Data subject to change based on future data submission or correction.

OPTN data

More data reports

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network website includes in depth national, regional and state donation and transplantation data.

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