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Annual Reports

A look back at UNOS’ achievements

Annual reports give us the opportunity to report on our recent achievements. Throughout our history, UNOS has been involved in hundreds of projects to bring together the transplant community to save lives through organ donation and transplantation.

Todd Poe, liver recipient (Photo: Meghan McSweeney/UNOS)

2016 UNOS annual report

Transplants increased by 20% over the last five years. 2016 was another record-breaking year: more than 33,000 transplants were performed.

View the 2016 annual report

Marshall Jones, right, laughs with Dr. John Barcia of UVA Children's Hospital (Coe Sweet/UVA Health System via AP)

2015 UNOS annual report

There were more than 30K transplants performed annually for first time in US in 2015, thanks to increased donations.

View the 2015 annual report

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