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Transplant Administrators Can Now Access 2018 Staffing Survey Results

Transplant Administrators Can Now Access 2018 Staffing Survey Results


  • Transplant Centers: Transplant Administrators and Program Directors
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Those centers that have completed the 2018 Staffing Survey may now access the results for their programs. Comparison statistics for transplant program staffing benchmarks with the 2018 data are now available.

To view the results:

  1. Click the Transplant Administrators icon on the portal home page.
  2. On the Staffing Survey menu, select Results.
  3. Select the year 2018 from the list. You can generate comparative statistics by region, type of program (adult or pediatric), and by program size (waitlist and organs transplanted) for the 2018 data submitted.

As in previous years, only programs that have completed surveys for their organ-specific programs will be able to access the summary and comparison data. By restricting access to only those programs who complete their own surveys, we hope to increase participation and consequently the value of the survey results.

If you have any questions concerning access to the surveys, please contact the UNet Help Desk at [email protected].

If you have any questions concerning technical design or operation of the survey, please contact Jude Maghirang at [email protected].

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