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Stay up to date on recent policy changes

We recently posted an updated policy document on the OPTN website that reflects changes from these recently implemented proposals:

We also posted an updated version of the OPTN Evaluation Plan that reflects the following policy changes:

  • We added Toxoplasma IgG to the list of test results in Policy 2.9. This coincides with the release of the programming project and policy language on 4/6 that requires this test to be performed for all deceased donors. Read policy notice
  • We made a small tweak in the Policy 5.8 entry under the section addressing the process for pre-transplant blood type verifications prior to organ receipt from “organ laterality (if applicable)” to “lung laterality (if applicable)” to more closely mirror the 3/1/17 policy language change. Read policy notice. 
  • We added “anhepatic” to the entry for Policy 9.1.A to correct a discrepancy between the Evaluation Plan and policy language.

Next round of policy changes are scheduled for June 1—make sure you’re prepared

Review policy notices to see exactly what you need to do.

Searching for policy notices? They are now easier to find.
See our newly organized policy notices page on the OPTN website. At a glance you can see which policies are scheduled for implementation and when. You can also see which policies have been approved pending implementation and notice to members. Scroll down the page to see which policies have already been implemented. Links from this page will bring you conveniently to information related to each policy change, including the policy notice, the board briefing paper, the public comment proposal, and more.

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