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Organ labeling & shipping

Policy governing organ transport

OPTN policy regulates the packaging, labeling, shipping and storage of organs and vessels. Learn more about:

  • Packaging and labeling
  • Documentation accompanying the organ or vessel
  • Verification of information before shipping
  • Vessel recovery, transplant and storage
  • Organs recovered by living donor recovery hospitals
  • Organs not requiring transport

Professional materials

Order supplies for organ labeling, packaging and shipping at the UNOS Store:

  • TransNet barcode labels
  • Organ transport labels
  • Vessel transport labels
UNOS store - professional materials for organ labeling
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UNOS Organ Tracking Service

Know organs are safely on their way to transplant.

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Pilot program for OPOs

UNOS Travel App

Find the most efficient flights for shipping organs.

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“Patient safety is the driving force behind all that we do. No organ should be lost as a result of a packaging error.”

Lori Markham, Midwest Transplant Network

About TransNetSM

TransNet automates packaging and labeling organs. Automating this process greatly reduces the chances of transcription errors or mistakes due to illegible handwriting and helps us ensure that donated organs are matched correctly and efficiently with the identified recipient. UNOS began a voluntary national deployment of the TransNet service in March 2015.

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