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Updated OPO Benchmark report released today — contains new comparison group

Updated OPO Benchmark report released today — contains new comparison group


  • All UNet users from OPOs
  • Please share this notice with anyone in your organization who would benefit from the information.


Last summer, UNOS expanded its benchmark report offerings to include reports specific to OPOs. Available in the UNetSM Data Services Portal, these reports allow OPO staff with access to UNet and proper permissions to compare their OPO to others in three different ways. The newly updated report replaces the DSA population comparison group (one of the three) with a new cluster group that offers a more robust way of measuring similarity.

Just because your OPO shares geographic similarities with another doesn’t mean you are the same. By combining more holistic objective measures that are not solely based on size and population, this new comparison group helps OPOs paint a more complete analysis picture.

How to access the report

1. Go to the UNet homepage and select Data Services from the Resources tab on the main menu.
2. A list of all updated reports appear under the Overview heading.
3. If you don’t find the report there, you can click Data Files from the left menu column. In the Filter section, select Benchmark from the list of dropdown items under Category of Report.


You’ll find tips on how to use the report most effectively in its introduction, as well as an FAQ. You can also access the Data Services Portal’s online help (Documentation > Report Descriptions and Data Elements).

If you have trouble accessing the Data Services Portal, contact UNOS Customer Service at (800) 978-4334 or [email protected].

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