OPTN public comment opens August 15

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) offers the following 15 proposals for public comment:

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  • Adult MELD Exception Guidance -Liver and Intestines Committee
  • Changes to HCC Criteria for Auto Approval – Liver and Intestines Committee
  • Ethics of Deceased Donor Organ Recovery without Requirement for Explicit Consent or Authorization – Ethics Committee
  • Split Versus Whole Liver Transplantation – Ethics Committee
  • Ethical Implications of Imminent Death Donation- Ethics Committee
  • Liver Distribution Redesign Modeling (Redistricting of Regions) – Liver and Intestines Committee
  • Modifications of Existing and Potential New Requirements for the Informed Consent of Potential Living Donors – Living Donor Committee
  • Consider Primary Transplant Surgeon Requirement- Primary or First Assistant on Transplant Cases – Membership and Professional Standards Committee
  • Proposal to Modify the Adult Heart Allocation System – Thoracic Committee
  • Proposed Changes to the OPTN Transplant Program Outcomes Review System – Membership and Professional Standards Committee
  • Subspecialty Boards for Primary Liver Transplant Physicians – Membership and Professional Standards Committee
  • Transplant Program Performance Measures (Outcome Measures) – Membership and Professional Standards Committee
  • Updating Primary Kidney Transplant Physician Requirements – Membership and Professional Standards Committee
  • Updating the OPTN Definition of Transplant Hospital – Membership and Professional Standards Committee
  • Infectious Disease Verification to Enhance Patient Safety – Operations and Safety Committee

As in previous public comment cycles, comments and replies will be published on the OPTN website, to promote transparency and trust in the national transplant system. You can enter your comments using the DisQus comment tool, and you can share comments on social media as well. Please remember to consider any significant financial impact a proposal could have on your organization and share that feedback as well. You can begin reviewing proposals here on Aug. 15

Public comment will close on October 15. The committees sponsoring the proposals review and consider every comment before developing final proposals for a vote by the OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors.

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