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Now Available on the SRTR Secure Website: the Delayed Spring 2018 PSRs

Now Available on the SRTR Secure Website: the Delayed Spring 2018 PSRs

SRTR’s program-specific reports (PSRs) originally scheduled to be released in July 2018 are now available on the SRTR secure website*. Transplant centers should be aware of three important changes incorporated into these reports:

  1. Adult and pediatric definitions have been updated for pre- and posttransplant metrics presented in the reports. The patient’s age at the time of registration on the waiting list is now used throughout to classify pediatric (listed before their 18th birthday) and adult patients.
  2. SRTR previously did not attempt to build risk adjustment models for posttransplant outcomes if fewer than 25 events occurred within the 2.5-year transplant cohort. This resulted in some subsets of transplant recipients having no evaluation presented in the reports. SRTR is now providing unadjusted evaluations in these instances rather than providing no evaluation at all.
  3. The delay in the release of these reports was due to a temporary loss of access to additional death information. These reports may contain additional deaths that were not known at the time of the data review period in April 2018.

Stay up to date on PSR reporting timelines. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

* Secure site access is only available to transplant program staff.

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