Media toolkit

Updated liver and intestinal organ allocation policy to be implemented Feb. 4, 2020

Our media toolkit provides a selection of links to detailed information for journalists, bloggers and other interested parties. Learn more about UNOS by accessing these resources:

Voices in Transplant

UNOS’ Voices in Transplant blog showcases organ donation and transplantation improvement initiatives led by staff, members and the community. The blog features timely updates on the innovations, improvements and insights that are strengthening the national donation and transplantation system. 


Access the latest available data on transplantation in the United States, including the current waiting list, survival rates, median waiting times and the number of transplants performed.

Facts about organ donation

Learn these facts about organ donation to better understand organ, eye and tissue donation.

Organ allocation policy

Find all current OPTN policies, including allocation policy for each organ. You may also want to read our policy brochures.

Glossary of terms

Look up defined concepts and terminology used in discussing donation and transplantation.

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