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Lung program clinical trial begins July 9

Lung program clinical trial begins July 9

Attn: Lung Program Administrators

The Goal of Open Lung ventilation in Donors (GOLD) clinical trial will begin in July. Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and led by Dr. Lorraine Ware of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the GOLD is a randomized clinical trial in deceased organ donors managed by Donor Network West.

This trial will test the effect of an open lung protective ventilation protocol compared to conventional mechanical ventilation on donor lung utilization for transplantation.  Because the study is being done in deceased organ donors and poses minimal risk to lung transplant recipients, organ recipients do not need to be consented to receive a lung from a donor enrolled in the GOLD trial. No PHI will be collected and all data will be de-identified.

The trial aims to enroll a cohort of 400 donors over the next 4 years. For more detailed information about the study, go to  and search for the identifier NCT03439995 or contact the research staff:

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