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Getting patients ready for transplant sooner

Getting patients ready for transplant sooner
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital decreased their inactive waitlist by 17% during the 1.5 years they participated in COIIN

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia decreased the inactive percentage of its waitlist from 47 percent to less than 30 percent in 1.5 years.

Learn how the staff at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital achieved this decrease through its involvement in a three-year collaborative improvement pilot project at UNOS focused on increasing transplantation of marginal to high KDPI kidneys and exploring new methods of quality monitoring.

The Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (COIIN) began in 2015 and was sponsored by the Health Services Administration (HRSA) for the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN). Data analysis is still ongoing, but preliminary findings show an increase in the transplant rate and utilization in many of the 58 participating centers.

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