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DonorNet Mobile release adds vital signs and HLA info to donor record

DonorNet Mobile release adds vital signs and HLA info to donor record

OPO users of DonorNet MobileSM


On 9/26/2019, we added vital signs and HLA information to the donor record in DonorNet Mobile for OPOs (

More Details

Release 2.3 builds on our 6/27/2019 update (Version 2.2) where we added medical/social history and lab results to deceased donor information.

OPOs can use DonorNet Mobile to view:

  • Donor vital signs
  • Donor HLA

Release 2.2 builds on updates made on 3/21/2019. Version 2.1 of DonorNet Mobile added an infectious disease tab and medical/social history to deceased donor information.

OPOs may continue to use DonorNet Mobile to perform additional tasks and view more information:

  • Perform verification of blood types and subtypes
  • Securely add attachments directly to DonorNet from the phones camera without saving the information to the phone, as well as view all donor attachments
  • View information on active donors at your OPO including:
    • Donor demographics
    • Donor highlights
    • Medical and social history
    • Lab results
    • Infectious disease test results

In the works: Mobile organ offer and acceptance

We are expanding the donor record and building functionality as we prepare for a DonorNet Mobile pilot, planned for early 2020. Currently, only OPOs have access to the new DonorNet Mobile app. In the pilot (release 3.0), participating transplant hospitals will use it to evaluate and accept organ offers through the new interface.


For system questions, contact UNOS Customer Service at [email protected] or (800) 978-4334.

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