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COIIN participants – share your insights at Learning Congress

COIIN participants – share your insights at Learning Congress

The Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (COIIN) has involved 58 kidney transplant programs
across the country in developing, sharing and implementing effective practices to increase utilization
and maximize outcomes for higher KDPI donor kidneys. Participants from both cohorts of the project are
invited to share key learnings and connect with each other at a Learning Congress August 7-8 in Dallas.

In order to attend the Learning Congress, teams from each hospital must submit an abstract addressing
one of the following topics:

  • Organ offer and acceptance practices
  • Waitlist management practices
  • Care coordination practices
  • Using data to drive improvement / data management

The deadline for abstracts from Cohort A participants is Tuesday, Feb. 6. Cohort B participants may
submit abstracts from April 2 through May 7.

The COIIN staff will select up to three abstracts from each category to present at the Learning
Congress. Pilot hospitals not selected to present will provide a poster presentation to be available for
viewing throughout the conference.

Each pilot hospital submitting an abstract for attendance may invite up to two participants.

For further information, send an email to Nicole Benjamin or call her at 804-782-4622.

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