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Changes coming to the kidney paired donation data dashboard

Changes coming to the kidney paired donation data dashboard


  • All KPD-participating centers’ LD surgeons, LD medical directors, LD program administrators, and kidney paired donation primary and secondary contacts.
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Implementation date

June 8, 2020


The OPTN KPDPP (Kidney Paired Donation Pilot Program) data dashboard is available to all transplant programs and OPOs in the visual analytics section of the data services portal in UNetSM. The dashboard gives an overview of the status of the OPTN KPDPP, allowing members to see which centers participate along with characteristics about the program’s participating candidates and donors.

What will change

The OPTN KPDPP data dashboard will be updated at the beginning of June. Updates will include:

  • a new overview of the characteristics of candidates and donors participating in the OPTN KPDPP
  • data about candidate time to transplant along with candidate outcome after entry into the OPTN KPDPP
  • an enhanced view of the participation in KPDPP match runs
  • and an enhanced map of participating centers

Additional details

In addition to these changes, the OPTN KPDPP data dashboard will have a new documentation tab within the tool. This tab includes general information about the OPTN KPDPP, information about the dashboard, a link to download the dashboard’s pdf user guide, and an email contact for questions and feedback.


The business intelligence team is eager to work directly with members while developing products and revamping the existing catalog. To submit feedback on any of the data portal tools, or to submit ideas for new tools, please email [email protected].


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