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Adding acceptor sequence number to ROOT Report in UNet

Adding acceptor sequence number to ROOT Report in UNet

All UNetSM users from transplant centers
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Implementation date:
October12, 2017

After turning an organ down, transplant center staff have often asked UNOS how far down the match run an allocation sequence had to go, before the offer was placed. To help professionals answer this question, we will be adding an acceptor sequence number to the transplant center ROOT report. You can access the ROOT report in the My Data Reports section of the Secure Enterprise page in UNetSM.

You’ll find the new field after column E – Center/Match First Sequence Number, under the header–Acceptance Sequence Number.

If your center routinely imports the ROOT report spreadsheet, make sure you change your process to account for the new field.

Note: This change does not apply to the OPO DSA dashboard report and does not affect the ROO report (located in the Data Services portal), which already contains the acceptance field.

Contact UNOS Customer Service at (800) 978-4334 or [email protected] with technical and/or system questions.


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