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This special tribute made in honor of:

Melodie McGee

2020 -

St Louis,


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Melodie McGee

Our dear sweet, loving, selfless mother passed away January 20, 2020 at age 66 from heart failure unexpectedly. She had triple bypass surgery and never came out of surgery. Our mother, Melodie was an organ donor and always said she didn’t need her old, ran down body in heaven, might as well use it for science to help others. My sister, brother and I knew this about mom and was told after her passing what was still good to use. Her eyes, skin tissue and bones were removed from her tired, lifeless body the day after she died. However, to be honest it was hard news to swallow knowing what happened to her body. Although it was her choice and helping others there was an overwhelming, confusing, amount of emotions flooding all three of us. We had no idea how much it would hurt to think of what happened to our mom. We just want her memory to be honored here and when you look into her eyes say thank you for your gift of life Melodie. You are a brave and amazing woman. Your gift will go on living and help numerous of people. If you are a recipient then we pray that you remain grateful for the loss of organs, limbs, and tissue or whatever you received to save yours. We are proud of you mom. We love and miss so much mom.
Angie, Robin and Eric

Submitted on behalf of: Angela McGee (Daughter)

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