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This special tribute made in honor of:

Katherine “Katie” Barton

2003 -



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Katherine “Katie” Barton

Katie is, was and forever will be a beautiful young lady whose life was just beginning to unfold. The world was just beginning to open up when her life was cut short in a tragic automobile accident in 2003. Katie’s story lives on in so many ways touching persons she never had the opportunity to meet. She encouraged countless persons to register to be donors, she has given hope to many waiting for a transplant and with her liver, kidney, eyes she gave a new quality of live. She has been missed every day since the accident and remains just the sparkle and the tear in her dad’s eyes. We are so very proud of her decision to be an organ and tissue donor. Her gifts restored sight to the blind, release the captive to the dialysis machine and gave hope of life, in giving up her life she gave hope and live to others. And, we are so very grateful for all the incredible people that are part of organ and tissue donation she introduced us to through her gift of donation.

Submitted on behalf of: Jonathan Barton (Father)

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