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This special tribute made in honor of:

Dan Glowatski

2009 -

Pine Grove,


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Dan Glowatski

My mother received a kidney from a deceased donor in 1998 and was experiencing rejection. She had to begin dialysis. She was 73 and at that point she would need a living donor. My brother who always puts everyone’s needs before his own turned out to be a match. Although my Mom was worried about my brother’s health and him only having one kidney, he reassured her that he was ok with this. It was not an easy surgery for him, but he never complained. It was life changing for my Mom. She is now 87 and the kidney is still strong.

Because of my brother’s donation my Mother has been able to celebrate her 65th wedding anniversary, be present at her grandchildren’s weddings, birthdays, and graduations, and see the birth of three great-grandchildren. We celebrated the 14th year kidney anniversary on May 8th!

Submitted on behalf of: Eileen Frank (Sister)

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