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Data definition quarterly updates

Data definition quarterly updates


All UNetSM users who complete OPTN data collection forms


A cross-functional team of UNOS staff and OPTN members continues to work on a data governance initiative to improve the consistency and quality of OPTN data collection. The quarterly set of data definitions is published in UNet online help as of April 15, 2019.

Quarterly updates

April 15, 2019
Data Element System Form Description
New diabetes onset between last follow-up to the current follow-up TIEDI® Intestine, Kidney, Liver, Thoracic TRF Added guidance to address onset reported on previous follow-up forms. This excludes gestational diabetes.
Total Cold Ischemia Time TIEDI® Kidney, Kidney-Pancreas TRR Total Cold Ischemia Time is the number of hours between donor kidney cross-clamp to recipient kidney reperfusion, with reperfusion being defined as when the first arterial clamp is removed and blood flow restored with warm recipient blood (i.e. first clamp removed in situ).
Graft Status TIEDI® Kidney TRR, TRF Reason for dual or en bloc kidney graft failure.
Initial Flush Solution, Back Table Flush Solution, Final Flush/Storage Solution TIEDI® DDR Equivalent solution should be selected when the specific name of a solution is not listed as an available choice.

Intestine, Kidney, Kidney-Pancreas, Liver, Pancreas, Thoracic, Thoracic – 6 Months TRF

PCR and NAT testing can be used to submit response for the HBV DNA test, similar to the HIV NAT and HCV NAT test.
Patient on insulin? TIEDI® Kidney-Pancreas, Pancreas TRF, TRR Insulin dosage per day and duration of use is the number of days since the transplant occurred.
Ventricular tachycardia (VT) or ventricular fibrillation (VF) WaitlistSM Adult Heart Status 2 Justification Form Anti-tachycardia pacing (ATP) can qualify as electrical cardioversion, in a hospital candidate on anti-arrhythmic medication.
Has the candidate experienced hemoglobinuria? WaitlistSM Thoracic Justification Form Select Unknown if Urine Analysis was not done since submission of last justification form.

Furosemide, Torsemide, Bumetanide, Chlorothiazide, Metolazone, Other diuretic

WaitlistSM Thoracic Justification Form Enter the maximum limit if value is above the maximum allowed limit, and enter the minimum value if it is below the minimum allowed value.
January 15, 2019
Data Element System Form Description
Gender TIEDI®
Add/Edit Donor
Intent is to collect biologic and physiologic traits (sex) at birth.
Total Cold Ischemic Time TIEDI® Liver TRR Cold ischemic time starts when the organ is cross-clamped and ends when it is first perfused with warm recipient blood (i.e. first clamp removed in situ). Previous to this change, the hepatic artery and portal vein clamps both had to be removed before ischemic time ended.
Prior Cardiac Surgery (non-transplant) TIEDI® Heart, Lung and Heart-Lung TCR VAD should be included in the report of previous cardiac surgeries.
Time of implant/initiation WaitlistSM Adult Heart Status Justification Form New data collection element released, initial definition established with implementation of heart allocation policy on 10/18/2018.
Patient Using Either Oral Medication or Diet for Blood Sugar Control TIEDI® Pancreas and Kidney-Pancreas TRR and TRF Any anti-hyperglycemic medications should be listed in this field, including oral and non-insulin injectables.

More details

We provide a list of revised definitions each quarter, to answer member questions about existing data fields and to clarify new requirements.This effort aims to provide clear, concise data definitions, improve quality of data, and provide transparency into changes. Clarifications are intended to provide guidance for future data entry; you are not required to amend data submitted before the collection date. The process to create revised data definitions includes reviews by multidisciplinary UNOS staff and the Data Advisory Committee.

Where to find the info in Help Documentation

Access Secure Enterprise and then choose TIEDI. On the menu, choose Help and click Online Help. Details can be found under Manage Data > History of Definition Changes. Field Definitions have also been updated to include each data element.


The OPTN’s secure transplant information database contains all national data on the candidate waiting list, organ donation and matching, and transplantation. Organ transplant institutions use the system to match waiting candidates with donated organs. Institutions also rely on the database to manage time-sensitive, life-critical data, before and after their patients’ transplants.


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