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Labs gain access to Data Services beginning Sept. 11

Labs gain access to Data Services beginning Sept. 11


  • UNet security administrators
  • Laboratory directors
  • Laboratory managers
  • Laboratory staff

Beginning Sept. 11, UNet security administrators will now be able to give laboratory staff permission to access the Data Services portal in UNet.
Security administrators will need to select the data services option at the bottom of the security administration page. You need to select this option for any lab personnel that will need to download files or interact with the visual analytics.

Once lab staff have permission, they will have access to a brand new histocompatibility report in the portal.

Histocompatibility report details

This new report allows lab staff to:

  • See a quarterly compilation of cases where their lab produced a donor HLA typing that did not agree with results from other data sources
  • Monitor potential errors in HLA typing produced at their lab and let them see where they may be able to improve practice to eliminate errors in typing or data entry

Contact UNOS Customer Service at [email protected] or (800) 978-4334.

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