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Board members named

Members of the national organ donation and transplantation community have elected 22 people to the UNOS Board of Directors.

Learn more about the board members.

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Board meetings

If you want a recap of the most recent board meeting, find what you need here, including news, information about upcoming policy changes and approved guidance documents.

UNOS committees

The following committees advise the UNOS Board. Members include selected UNOS Board members as well as non-Board members with subject matter expertise.

UNOS Corporate Affairs Committee

The UNOS Corporate Affairs Committee (CAC) acts as a governing body for all UNOS corporate matters and continues the work of the UNOS Board of Directors between meetings.

The CAC oversees the actions of the UNOS corporate Finance Committee and IT Advisory Committee. It is responsible for the evaluation and compensation of the Chief Executive Officer and establishes the executive compensation philosophy for the corporation for all senior staff executives. The CAC develops a strategic plan for the corporation and oversees its execution. It identifies strategic priorities, manages organizational risks, and sets standards for organizational performance. It also oversees the work of the corporation in fulfilling the terms of the OPTN contract with the U.S. Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).


Maryl Johnson, MD

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

UNOS Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets once per quarter and is chaired by the Treasurer. It is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities. The Committee reviews UNOS’ financial performance against its short-term and long-term goals, as set forth in the UNOS Strategic Plan. The Committee is responsible for securing the annual audit, and reviews corporate investment policies and investment performance on a routine basis.


Robert Goodman, MBA

General Public Member

UNOS IT Advisory Committee

The Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) assists the Corporate Affairs Committee in fulfilling its oversight duties for UNOS operations as well as providing external expertise to UNOS’ Information Technology executive management. The ITAC provides general review and advice to UNOS IT staff regarding UNOS’ current and planned IT capabilities. The ITAC assists the CAC to develop a strategic plan for Information Technology (IT) needs of the corporation and oversees the execution of the IT plan. The ITAC identifies strategic priorities in IT, and assists the CAC in setting standards for organizational IT performance. 


Walter Herczyk, MT, CHS

Gift of Life Michigan — Histocompatibility Laboratory

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