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1 million transplants

The U.S. surpassed a historic milestone in 2022: 1 million transplants

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Powerful technology saving lives 24/7

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Tracking organs in real time

Ensuring safe and efficient transportation

Liver transplant recipient, Sejal

1 million new beginnings

Read patient and donor stories celebrating the gift of life

Transportation, transparency and other critical issues

UNOS Interim CEO Maureen McBride recounts actions taken during her first 100 days to tackle some of transplant’s biggest challenges

A year of lifesaving milestones

Thanks to the selfless gift of organ donors and donor families, new all-time records were set for transplantation in 2022

Predictive analytics tool now available to all kidney programs

New free tool gives transplant hospitals more information to help them make the best decisions for their patients

Increasing lifesaving living donations

The national UNOS Liver Paired Donation pilot program aims to expand living liver donations

Kidney waiting time modifications

New policy action means some Black kidney candidates will be eligible to receive additional waiting time. What will the board action mean for patients?

How do we track policy success?

We look at the data. Kidney transplant volumes up across all ethnicities, and blood types. Liver transplants increased by 4.3 percent since policy implementation.

Policy monitoring

Optimizing our nation’s transplant system to save more lives

U.S. surpassed historic milestone of 1 million transplants in 2022. Learn how we’re getting to the next million, together

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January - December 2022 as of 01/26/2023

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