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United Network for Organ Sharing

We power the U.S. organ donation and transplant system to save lives every day.

We ensure organ allocation is fair and equitable for everyone.

Our innovative technology matches lifesaving organs to patients.

We never stop working to make the system even stronger.

We honor the gift of life every day.


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Innovative technologies saving lives and supporting members

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Following the gift of life

UNOS’ real-time organ tracking service



Right organ, right patient, right time

How we’re improving transplant and saving more lives

Employing new technologies to save more lives

UNOS partnered with industry leader Nutanix to strengthen our cutting-edge IT infrastructure.

Helping more kidney patients, faster

UNOS technology: The free, data-driven tool aims to increase kidney utilization by helping transplant professionals make decisions, faster.

Offer Filters is available to all kidney programs.

Equity means providing a transplant for every single patient that needs one

The community is developing a more equitable system of allocating deceased donor organs. Learn how this approach, called continuous distribution, will help patients.

Increasing equity together

How do we track policy success?

We look at the data. Kidney transplant volumes up across all ethnicities, and blood types. Liver transplants increased by 4.3 percent since policy implementation.

Policy monitoring

Optimizing our nation’s strong transplant system to change these numbers

Right now


people need an organ transplant*

This year

January - July 2022 as of 08/08/2022

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January - July 2022 as of 08/08/2022

January - July 2022 as of 08/08/2022

Summer 2022 public comment is open Aug. 3 - Sept. 28. Watch videos and add your voice

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