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Juniper, heart recipient

Juniper, heart recipient

March 7 is Juniper’s birthday, but her family celebrates September 17 because that is her Heart Anniversary. Juniper received a heart transplant on that day in 2014. The transplant has allowed Juniper to ride a plane for the first time, celebrate Christmas, attend school, vacation with her family and play with friends. Her family understands each milestone Juniper achieves is because of The Borrowed Heart that beats inside her, and that Juniper lives each day for two. Her parents recognize each day that Juniper runs, plays and laughs, it is a gift from a very special family who said yes to organ donation on the worst day of their lives. Juniper’s mother, Joni, documents #JunipersHeart journey on Facebook and Instagram. “We are documenting the good and bad so that one day we can look back and show her everything she went through and the fight she endured to live.”

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