Stories of hope

"Life is a gift"

“It is a responsibility to fight for it,” says heart recipient José and his sister, Alejandra

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Tracy, liver recipient, story of hope

Tracy, liver recipient

Tracy received a transplant on August 16, 1996. His donor was a first responder who died after being struck by a car. Tracy has thrived since the transplant.

Tim, liver recipient, story of hope

Tim, kidney recipient

“While these are gifts I am unable to ever repay, I live my life every day grateful for their love. Because of their gift, I have remained active and actively employed for 22 years, and along with my wife have raised three wonderful children.”

Matthew Brown, heart recipient, story of hope

Matthew, heart recipient

“We have been very blessed to connect with Brayden’s family and we are forever grateful to them for giving Matthew the gift of life.”

Dennis Popp, heart recipient, story of hope

Dennis, heart recipient

He is now looking toward the future and celebrating the 10th anniversary of his new heart in 2027, his first grandchild’s graduation in 2028 and his 50th wedding anniversary in 2029!

Amber Eck heart recipient, story of hope

Amber, heart recipient

“Because of my donor, I am able to have a second chance at life and that it something I will cherish for a lifetime.”

Jeanne Anne, story of hope

Jeanne Anne, heart recipient

“A new year, a new heart, a new life” — Jeanne Anne shares her transplant story

Jill, story of hope

Jill, liver recipient

As a baby, Jill Nolan had two liver transplants. This is her story.

Bobby and Brenda Height, photo by John W. Adkisson, 2012

Bobby, heart recipient

Bobby Height, Sr. has always been active and athletic. But in 2003, he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy.

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