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"Life is a gift"

“It is a responsibility to fight for it,” says heart recipient José and his sister, Alejandra

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Kathy, story of hope

Kathy, islet recipient

Kathy lived with diabetes for nearly 50 years. Her insulin reactions were frequent and severe. An islet cell transplant changed her life.

Auburn, lung recipient, story of hope

Auburn, lung recipient

Auburn was listed for lungs on October 4, 2016, and 20 days later received a double-lung transplant. Just a month later, Auburn was breathing at 90% lung function.

Liza, story of hope

Liza, kidney/pancreas recipient

Liza is a kidney/pancreas transplant recipient. Now she helps others with lifesaving transplants.

James Averette, liver recipient, story of hope

James, liver recipient

James received a liver transplant July 17, 2013. Every year following his annual December checkup, James and his wife Janis visit UNOS and the Trees of Life to pay tribute to his donor and to thank UNOS for making the lifesaving match.

Brayden, story of hope

Brayden, liver recipient

Brayden was diagnosed with biliary atresia when he was only 3 months old. After his second liver transplant, he is doing well.

Travis, double lung recipient, story of hope

Travis, double lung recipient

Travis is a two-time double-lung recipient. His first transplant took place on February 26, 2013.

Tracy, liver recipient, story of hope

Tracy, liver recipient

Tracy received a transplant on August 16, 1996. His donor was a first responder who died after being struck by a car. Tracy has thrived since the transplant.

Tim, liver recipient, story of hope

Tim, kidney recipient

“While these are gifts I am unable to ever repay, I live my life every day grateful for their love. Because of their gift, I have remained active and actively employed for 22 years, and along with my wife have raised three wonderful children.”

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